About Atoms


Briefly, an atom consists of three distinct parts, Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons; arranged like so:



Considering that these tiny energies are spinning in their tiny orbits at  thousands of revolutions per second, isn’t it amazing that they don’t just fly apart?

So what has the strength to contain all this energy into so small a point?

The electromagnetic properties of attraction and repulsion working together in stable configurations within every atom.  And beyond

this, the mass of infinity, to which the atom is intimately attuned.

The proton carries a positive charge, the electron, negative. This creates attraction between them the same way that opposite poles of a magnet are pulled into each other while identical poles repel each other.

Sacred Geometry in Crystal Atomic Structure X-Ray.

The universe however,  is full of tricks. The density of an electron is relatively a fraction of the proton’s energy.  This apparent imbalance is resolved by the presence of the neutron, whose density (mass) is equal to the proton but carries no charge, it is neutral.                                   The neutron balances the atom.  The mass of an atom is found by combining the weights of the proton and neutron. Atoms are a trinity.

An element is defined by the number of electrons present in an individual atom, this is its’ “Atomic Number“. Hydrogen, for instance has only one electron, carbon, six, and oxygen eight.

Sacred Geometry in Crystal Atomic Structure X-Ray (2).

Certain dynamic combinations of protons, neutrons and electrons create conditions where electrons are discharged from the atom to allow more protons and neutrons to come in and create a new stable atom. This in turn will attract more atoms of the new kind to join with it.  This is how minerals are formed.

The creation of crystals is a choice that the universe makes at a most intimate level.    FM.

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